A To-Stop List is the best New Year Resolution Idea that I have heard of

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I have to give up having yet another To-Do List. I simply run out of time to pile on more things into my life.

So I decided to try something different this year – a To-Stop List. Research shows that we are more likely to stick to our goals when we share them publicly. So, I’m putting myself to the test the theory.


Grace’s 2017 To-Stop List


1. Stop checking Facebook between 10 p.m.  and 7 a.m.  Stop checking hourly weather information. You live in LA for God’s sake.

2. Stop read-and-eat. Just eat.

3. Stop skipping daily yoga. No, walking 10,000 steps that day doesn’t count.

4. Stop eating more than a bakery item a day. This includes croissants and pineapple buns.

5. Stop saying “I already know” or “It won’t work” when people give me advice. Just say “Thank You”.

6. Stop the impulsive need to “add value” to every conversation. Listen, and open your mouth only when other people ask for my opinions.

7. Stop masking the feeling of anger, jealousy or anxiety when they arise by diverting my attention to feeling pity and sad for others. Acknowledge these emotions and let them go.

8. Stop for 5 seconds when I found myself sweating uncontrollably, jaw locked or my steps are wobbly. My body is trying to tell me something and I got to listen.

9. Stop at the 30-minute mark for every Ikebana arrangement session. It will never be perfect, and always beautiful enough. And the bottom line is, it is just flowers.


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