Grace H. Woo

I started this blog because I feel so much anxiety around me. The dazzling speed of technology change is mesmerizing and disorientating. 

I was surprised. As an angle investor and as a practitioner in bringing technology to the front-line, most people I met are tech savvy and well-position to weather drastic change predicted in the workplace. 

They will confide in me that they constantly feel they are not catching up, and their expertise is overlooked by the younger mover-and-shaker who are well-versed in AI/digital/blockchain/(fill in the blank). 

You and I are not alone.

To create a future where we will not feel resentful that robots have eaten our job, we need to start to learn to constantly evolve.

Career and Life, there is no there-there. The journey is the destination. Constantly in test and learn, fail fast and fail forward mode.

Life, as Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, said, will be from now on in permanent beta.